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Well, transceivers are transmitters and receivers in a small, single, plug-in mode. Today, we have an extensive range of transceivers available on the market. The performance level of transceivers is decided by numerous factors including; link protocol, form-factor, operating temperature, operating wavelength, etc.

OEM Optics Vs. Compatible Optics

OEM optics refer to the equipment provided by the original equipment manufacturer. Whereas, a compatible optical module means that the part or equipment is manufactured and supplied by another vendor and not by the OEM.

Original Vs. Compatible SFP

Compatible SFP and original SFP transceiver modules are mostly the same. They come with the same optoelectronics. As far as their performance is concerned, you won’t find compatible SFP transceivers lagging from the OEM SFP transceiver modules Provided that the products are from a reputable manufacturer such as CBO.

Why Consider Compatible SFP and SFP+?

Various aspects are taken into service when networking equipment is purchased, such as; functions, price, capability, etc. Following are the two main reasons that make compatible SFP and SFP+ transceivers a better choice.


Undoubtedly, SFP and SFP+ transceivers are vital components in network communications. However, the increasing prices for transceiver modules are troublesome for users. If you go with Dell, Finisar, or Cisco, you will find that they are costly. On the other hand, compatible SFP and SFP+ are available at much lower prices but with the same specifications.


Compatible SFP and SFP+ come with same product technology as used by the original brand. In other words, they come with the same hardware. There is no difference between the feature of the compatible SFP transceivers and OEM SFP transceivers.


Compatible SFP and SFP+ transceivers with higher compatibility and lower cot are the perfect choices for most data center operators. However, doing a firmware check before the installation of modules is always recommended.