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LC-LC patch cables are widely used in high-density cabling infrastructure. To further extend the advantages of LC-LC fiber patch cable vendors are introducing newer and feature-rich LC-LC cable models. These simple cables help meet the broad requirements of data center operators. Their incorporation can bring a positive impact on the overall data center network performance. Today, various model of LC-LC cables are available on the market, and you can acquire single-mode and multi-mode fiber LC cables for seamless integration. The following diagram is showing a typical arrangement in which fiber patch cords are installed:

1 LC-LC Patch Cables for Data Center Network Optimization BlueOptics.jpg

2 LC-LC Patch Cables for Data Center Network Optimization BlueOptics.jpg

The Qualities of Fiber Patch Cables used in Data CentersThe Qualities of Fiber Patch Cables used in Data Centers

A data center is a place where thousands of fiber links operate. Thus, the selection of fiber patch cables is something that can affect overall network performance. Usually, data centers chose to go with the highest quality fiber patch cables. Following are the three most fundamental factors to be considered for patch cable selection:

  • Insertion losses
  • Return losses
  • Light losses

The following diagram shows the construction of a typical LC-LC patch cord; Here, it is essential to understand that the return and insertion losses are related to the connectors found terminated on either end of the patch cable. Whereas, the term "light losses" is related to the quality of optical fiber being used in the manufacturing of the patch cable. The optimization of the fiber patch cable is an ongoing process as customers always demand easy to manage designs in a high-density environment. In the following parts of this article, we are going to discuss three popular types of LC-LC fiber patch cables.

Low Insertion Loss LC-LC Patch Cable

It is a matter of the fact that optical light loss occurs when a fiber patch cord is connected in the network. The loss of life happens at the terminated connectors and the optical fiber. There are many types of optical light losses including bend loss, and insertion loss is widespread. As we have mentioned above, insertion loss is related to the connectors. Whereas, the bend loss related to fiber material of the cable. LC-LC fiber patch cords come with an ability to minimize these losses.
Insertion loss as its name confirms refers to the losses that occur when one fiber optic component is inserted into another fiber optic component. LC connectors terminated on the LC-LC patch cables are designed to operate with a loss insertion loss. In most cases LC-LC patch cables operate at < 0.3 dB insertion loss. However, upgraded models can operate at < 0.2 dB insertion loss. Now let us talk about bend losses. In LC-LC patch cables, a special type of cable called bend insensitive fiber (aka BIF) is utilized to decrease bend losses. Thus, LC-LC fiber patch cords can operate with a low light loss in data centers.

LC-LC Patch Cable for High-Density Applications

LC connector was created for higher cable density applications. Standard duplex type LC-LC fiber patch cords can offer much greater cabling density than any other kind of duplex fiber patch cords. Moreover, the decreasing diameter of cable and connectors used in LC-LC patch cords is allowing more cabling density in data centers. Here, let us talk about Uniboot LC-LC patch cables. This type of fiber patch cable comes with two fibers in a single cable, and two connectors are found at either end. We all can understand, the use of fewer wires is going to provide a better cooling environment and high cable density in data centers. So, Uniboot patch cables are growing in their popularity. Many vendors have now started producing only this kind of LC-LC patch cables.

3 LC-LC Patch Cables for Data Center Network Optimization BlueOptics

4 LC-LC Patch Cables for Data Center Network Optimization_BlueOptics

Polarity Switchable LC-LC Cords

Patch cable vendors are working to make as easier-to-use cables as possible. Thus, they are not focused on losses and density only. As we all know, the polarity of the fiber patch cord is an essential thing, and it matters a lot during the installation phase. Often, the polarity of a duplex patch cable is changed several times during its deployment. With routine patch cables, the polarity cannot be switched without the involvement of tools, and it takes time. To address these issues polarity, switchable LC-LC cables are now available on the market. With these specially designed LC-LC fiber patch cords you can easily switch the polarity of the link without using any tool. The following figure shows how easily it could be done:


LC-LC cables are available in a variety of types and qualities. Sticking with high-quality patch cables can bring significant benefits such as:

  • low insertion losses
  • low bend losses
  • higher cabling density

Thus, data center operators should go with the most exceptional quality LC-LC patch cables available. Investing a few bucks more here can bring an overall pleasant impact on your operations.