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BlueOptics Bidi XFP Transceiver 10GBASE-BX-U 10KM

SKU: BO65J27610D
HAN: 13268
BlueOptics© bidirectional XFP Transceiver, 10GBASE-BX-U, Singlemode Fiber, TX1270nm/RX1330nm, 10KM, LC-Simplex, DDM, 0°C/70°C
129,99 €
excl. 19% VAT , Free shipping (UPS)
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BlueOptics Bidi XFP Transceiver 10GBASE-BX-U 10KM

BlueOptics Bidi XFP Transceiver 10GBASE-BX-U 10KM

129,99 €
excl. 19% VAT , Free shipping (UPS)
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Shipping weight: 0,05 kg
Item weight: 0,04 kg
Wavelength-TX: 1270nm
Medium: Single-mode
Connector: LC Simplex
Original-Vendor: BlueOptics
Speed: 10G
Reach: 10 Kilometer
Formfactor: XFP
Main-Application: 10GBASE-BX-U
MSA-Standard: XFP Transceiver
Temperature Range: 0°C to +70°C

Superior Performance

The BlueOptics© BO65J27610D BIDI 10G Small Form-Factor Pluggable (XFP) transceiver with LC simplex connector from CBO is designed for long-range single-mode 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE), 10 Gigabit Fibre Channel over Ethernet (10Gb FCoE) or OC-192/STM64 SDH/SONET high-speed applications of up to 11.3 gigabits per second.

Wide Range of Applications

The BlueOptics BO65J27610D BIDI XFP transceivers have a receiving function (receiver) and a transmission function (transmitter) for the transfer of optical signals with a single laser (BOSA) for the transmission of optical signals via single-mode fiber, regarding the respective 10 gigabit protocol, such as the 10GB Ethernet 802.3ae standard. BlueOptics BO65J27610D BIDI XFP modules are suitable for the use in switches, routers, storage systems and other hardware in the second optical window at 1270nm and 1330nm.

Wide Range of Applications

Data Transmission at the Speed of Light

Double your Bandwidth

Increasing the bandwidth for the same installation with BiDi technology. Bidirectional Wavelength Division Multiplexing, a WDM technology offers the possibility of data transmissions over a single optical fiber. For this purpose, transmitted and received data is transferred on two different wavelengths.

Error Analysis with Digital Diagnostics

Facilitate troubleshooting, maintenance and monitoring in your network through the Digital Diagnostics Monitoring (DDM) / Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM) interface. Using the digital diagnosis function, compliant with MSA SFF-8472, BlueOptics BO65J27610D XFP BIDI transceivers provide real time information like Supply Voltage, Laser Bias Current, Laser Average Output Power, Laser Received Input Power and Temperature.

BlueOptics Digital Diagnostic Monitoring DDM DOM

Maximum Availability

Maximum Availability

Less maintenance due to a long lifetime. BlueOptics BO65J27610D XFP BIDI transceivers only use components of leading manufacturers for Lasers (i.a. Lumentum, Avago, Mitsubishi, Sumitomo) and Integrated Circuits (i.a. Maxim Integrated, Netlogic, Mindspeed, Analog Devices). BlueOptics BO65J27610D XFP BIDI transceivers are designed for an above-average operating time of approximately 3.000.000 MTBF hours.

5 Years Warranty for BlueOptics
Each BlueOptics BO65J27610D XFP BIDI transceiver is covered by a 5-year function warranty by CBO.

Lifetime Support
For the lifetime of the product you receive technical support via email and telephone.

Next Day Exchange
The CBO preliminary exchange encompasses free shipping of replacement modules on the next working day.

Full MSA Compliance

BlueOptics BO65J27610D high availability XFP BIDI transceivers meet the Multi Source Agreement (MSA) standard INF-8077. With MSA Standards various manufacturers determine standardizations of the transceiver to ensure the interoperability. Here the XFP BIDI interface is defined electrically, mechanically and functionally.

Full MSA Compliance

Industrielle Normen

Industrial Standards

BlueOptics BO65J27610D high availability XFP BIDI transceivers meet or exceed industrial standards, such as CE and RoHS as well as the regulations of the FCC. Through continuous monitoring before, during and after the production process, according to ISO9001, CBO reaches a steady quality of each BlueOptics BO65J27610D XFP BIDI transceiver.

Act now!

By using BlueOptics high availability transceivers, networks can be prepared for increasing demands. Regardless whether an increased data volume, higher transmission rates, greater scalability, higher performance and/or a higher reliability is desired. With BlueOptics transceivers you can improve your connections and reduce your CAPEX for pluggable optics up to 90%.

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Use CBO site for online shopping

I would give it 5 stars. I have been very pleased with everything about CBO...Prices have been great & you can get the best BLUEOPTICS products such as Transceiver XFP Bidi.

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Always great

I love CBO site for BLUE OPTICS products. I can usually find everything I am looking for - from Transceiver XFP Bidi to many other optical modules. CBO makes online ordering easy and their recommendations are usually very relevant.

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“Excellent Customer Service”

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Thanks CBO

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Awesome product

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