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BlueLAN MiniSAS Cable SFF-8088 5 Meter

SKU: BL484801G5M30
HAN: 13292
BlueLAN© external MiniSAS Cable, passive, 4x Mini-SAS (SFF-8088) to 4x Mini-SAS (SFF-8088), AWG30, 5 Meter
139,99 €
excl. 19% VAT , Free shipping (UPS)
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BlueLAN MiniSAS Cable SFF-8088 5 Meter

BlueLAN MiniSAS Cable SFF-8088 5 Meter

139,99 €
excl. 19% VAT , Free shipping (UPS)
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Shipping weight: 0,45 kg
Item weight: 0,44 kg
DAC-Reach: 5 Meter
Original-Vendor: BlueLAN
DAC-Connector-A: MiniSAS (SFF-8088)
Speed: 6GB SAS
DAC-Connector-B: MiniSAS (SFF-8088)
Main-Application: SAS
Wire-Gauge: 30 AWG
MSA-Standard: MiniSAS
Cable-Construction: passive


BlueLAN© BL484801G5M30 5 Meter MiniSAS Cable with SFF-8088 to SFF-8088 (26-pin, external mini-SAS) connector, 4-Lane, for linking external SAS-Hardware (like Hard Drives, Storage Area Networks and so on). BlueLAN BL484801G5M30 5 Meter MiniSAS cables are suitable for transmissions of up to 6Gbit/s (supporting 3Gb/s SAS and 6Gb/s SAS protocols) and are available in various lengths, with different wire diameters (AWG 28 or 30).

Cost-effective Solution

Benefit from a cost-effective and environmental friendly solution. MiniSAS Twinax Copper Cables are the most common connectivity solution for professional use with short transmission distances in data centers for fast and flexible installations. The main advantages are the low power consumption of 0.1 watt, the low latency, as well as the favorable price.

Cost-effective Solution

High Bandwidth, Low Failure Rate

High Bandwidth, Low Failure Rate

Passive BlueLAN BL484801G5M30 5 Meter SFF-8088 MiniSAS Cables do not use any active components for data transmissions. This is taken over by the used hardware, which must support passive SFF-8088 MiniSAS Cables. Due to the simple design, passive MiniSAS Twinax Copper Cables have a very low failure rate and low production costs.

Highest Availability

Less maintenance due to a long lifetime. BlueLAN BL484801G5M30 5 Meter SFF-8088 MiniSAS Twinax Cables only use components of leading manufacturers for Cables (i.a. Amphenol, Belden, Molex, TE Connectivity) and Integrated Circuits (i.a. Maxim Integrated, Netlogic, Mindspeed, Analog Devices). BlueLAN BL484801G5M30 5 Meter SFF-8088 MiniSAS Cables are designed for an above-average operating time of approximately 5.000.000 MTBF hours.

Highest availability

5 year warranty for BlueLAN MiniSAS Copper Twinax Cables
Each BlueLAN BL484801G5M30 5 Meter SFF-8088 MiniSAS Twinax Cable is covered by a 5-year function warranty by CBO.

Lifetime Support
For the lifetime of the product you receive technical support via email and telephone.

Next Day Exchange
The CBO preliminary exchange encompasses free shipping of replacement modules on the next working day.

Volle MSA Konformität

Full MSA Compliance

BlueLAN BL484801G5M30 5 Meter high availability SFF-8088 MiniSAS Cables meet the Multi Source Agreement (MSA) standard SFF-8088. With MSA Standards various manufacturers determine standardizations of the MiniSAS Cable Connector to ensure an interoperability. Here the SFF-8088 interface is defined electrically, mechanically and functionally.

Industrial Standards

BlueLAN BL484801G5M30 5 Meter high availability SFF-8088 MiniSAS Cables meet or exceed industrial standards, such as CE and RoHS as well as the regulations of the FCC. Through continuous monitoring before, during and after the production process, according to ISO9001, CBO reaches a steady quality of each BlueLAN BL484801G5M30 5 Meter SFF-8088 MiniSAS Cable.

Industrial Standards

Act now!

Act now!

By using BlueLAN BL484801G5M30 5 Meter SFF-8088 MiniSAS Cables networks can be prepared for increasing demands. Regardless whether an increased data volume, higher transmission rates, greater scalability, higher performance and/or a higher reliability is desired. With BlueLAN MiniSAS Cables you can improve your connections and reduce your CAPEX for short distance transmission solutions up to 90%.

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“Excellent service!!!”

This is an excellent service! I did not know services like this existed before, my friend told me about it, and I am so grateful to him !! I really love this site. The MiniSAS Kabel SFF-8088 5 is perfect, everything is well organized. I was surprised by how fast my product was shipped to me.

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“Love it!”

I love CBO, their shipping is fast and anytime. I love that CBO has an amazing platform and a unique variety of optical products to choose from.

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Best platform for purchasing online products

I bought a Kompatibles Cisco QSFP-100G-AOC-1module from CBO. They have a massive selection with good pricing. Their customer service cannot be beaten. Every single transaction I have ever had with them has been extremely pleasant. CBO is my go-to for shopping online, you can literally buy almost anything online these days, so Ill often skip the supermarket and wait a day or two instead, for most things, its worth the wait.

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“Great Services”

I have placed three orders with CBO, all three of them delivered on time and great customer services when I contacted them for the return of one. What I like the most is the convenience they bring in providing the best products out there with best and affordable prices. I would recommend this platform to others.

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“Always satisfied!”

I have purchased lots of products from CBO and have never had any problems. The CBO is simply the best online store for an optical-based product. Super friendly and very helpful administration. You can find almost everything related to optical based modules on CBO. Just be sure to read the description thoroughly, because it helps you to make the best choice... I really like the fact that they knew a lot about client choice.

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