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FAQ Page - Transceivers

When using optical transceivers, there are several important points to consider in order to ensure smooth functionality in your switch, storage, security or server system. Please check the following points carefully before making a complaint to avoid a rejection of your RMA (Return Material Authorization) case and possible costs for you:

Is the ordered item supported by the hardware you use?

Please check if the article number of your product (CBO article number without "-BO" abbreviation) is listed as supported in the official, actual data sheet of the Switch-, Server-, Storage- or Security system of the respective manufacturer. Sometimes this information is also listed by the manufacturer on a special page with compatibility matrix or product lists. Please make sure that the specifications of the product regarding bandwidth, wavelength, form factor and distance corresponds to the manufacturer's specifications.



Is the hardware you use configured correctly?

In some cases, it is necessary to configure the hardware for the respective product. For example, it may be necessary to pre-configure the desired bandwidth for dual-speed capable devices or to select whether a cable or an optical transceiver should be operated. As with all computer technology devices, sometimes rebooting the system or briefly unplugging and re-connecting the power plug can lead to a function that was not available before.

The optical transceiver and a fiber optic cable are connected, but there is no link?

Often, even in the cleanest of environments, even the smallest particles of dirt in the air can get onto lasers of optical transceivers or plug contacts of fiber optic patch cables and limit or even completely block the penetration of the light signal. Therefore, clean the socket of the module and the fiber optic plug you want to insert and try again if the connection is now established. Before each use and with each plugging process, plugs and sockets or fiber optic transceiver ports should be cleaned with an appropriate cleaning tool. CBO offers different types of One-Click cleaners, you can find them here.



Are cables with the correct polarity connected to the product?

If a cable with the wrong polarity is connected to the transceiver no link will be established. When connecting transceivers to each other or to patch panels, make sure that you always use a fiber optic cable from the transmitting to the receiving side of the modules. For transceivers with RJ45 connectors, use crossover patch cables.

There is a link, but the display is wrong?

In some cases, a function of the product is given, only the display in the system regarding distances, application, name, compatibility, certification differs from what you imagined. A link still comes up. So please check carefully if this is an essential problem. Before you consider a complaint, please check our warranty and RMA terms and conditions, as well as the information in your quote or order to see if your complaint is justified. If so, we will of course be happy to take your case to see if a remedy is possible. If CBO does not have a current coding for a product, it is possible that products are provided with a workaround coding to ensure the product will function properly. In rare cases, products may not be displayed with the correct designation in the system or diagnostic data may not be retrievable, but the product generally works. Please check this.



Is the product a CBO product?

Optical transceivers often look identical from the outside, making it difficult or impossible for laypersons to identify the manufacturer. CBO transceivers always have a CBO part number printed on them or at least a BlueOptics serial number (e.g. in case of individual labeling). Please check if the serial number printed on the product matches one of the numbers on the CBO delivery bill. Also check if the printed CBO article number (e.g. "J4858D-BO") or CBO part number (e.g. "BO05C856S5D") is printed on top or on the side of the product.

Can a defect in other components of the network be excluded?

transceiver. Please check if the error occurs with all ports or with a new cable that has been tested as working. Ideally you can check the function with an original transceiver of the network system vendor if available. If it works, the CBO transceiver should also work.



If you have purchased several products, do all products have the same error?

In order to rule out the possibility that an error only occurs with one product and all other products are functional, please check carefully all products for their function.

Did you purchase the product directly from CBO?

If you have not purchased the product from CBO, please contact your BlueOptics reseller or distributor directly. CBO will not be able to process your RMA request in this case.


I have checked all points of the guide, but the problem still exists.

Request RMA now!