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CBO offers various logistics services to meet the different needs of all customers. In order to support you as much as possible, CBO relies on large stockpiles and fast order processing, offers Dropshipping, serial number tracking and more.

Large Stocks of BlueOptics and BlueLAN Products

The demand for products for high-speed networks is often urgent and is needed immediately - preferably yesterday. But also in the case of projects, it is an advantage to react promptly in the fast-moving market and to avoid unnecessary waiting times. For this reason, a high availability for products from this field is of advantage today. The wide range of network products within the BlueOptics and BlueLAN portfolio of CBO is always available in large quantities from stock. This means that CBO is able to supply even large projects directly and react quickly in case of a critical emergency. If you need a special product that needs to be manufactured by CBO or if you need an item that is not available from stock, the delivery time is usually no longer than 5-6 business days. Depending on the urgency of your need for non-stocked and also stored products, CBO will gladly check whether the process can be accelerated or check on what is the fastest possibility of delivery.

BlueOptics Transceiver


Shipping of Orders Until 4 p.m.

All orders of BlueOptics and BlueLAN products which are available from stock that are placed until 4 p.m. can be shipped the same day. Depending on the method of dispatch and the place of delivery, the goods can be delivered on the morning of the next working day. If you would like to purchase products, please contact your account manager. We will be happy to check if the shipment is still possible via our standard processes or if there is another possibility of delivery which may even be taken on the same working day (for example, by courier trips or a pick up at CBO store).

Neutral Delivery Directly to Your Customer

In order to save shipping and to save time, the CBO Dropshipping Option is available. This allows you to send BlueOptics and BlueLAN products directly to your customer or installation location in neutral packaging. We are also happy to provide you with your own delivery note. If you have any further questions about neutral delivery via Dropshipping or regarding the necessary discretion offered by CBO with this type of delivery, please contact your account manager for details.



CBO Product Aftercare Service with Serial Number Tracking

You want to check whether you have purchased a product from CBO, and you do not have the delivery note / order documents, or do you need a quick reference to a BlueOptics or BlueLAN item and cannot assign it directly? We will gladly check the serial number on the product label to determine the product and the order, and what has been going on from production to the date of dispatch. The serial number management of CBO makes it possible to track each individual item of an article. Thus, after the sale, a clear identification of an article in warranty and guarantee cases is possible. Please contact your account manager or CBO directly so that we can carry out serial number tracking for you.

Individual Packaging & Product Design

For all BlueOptics and BlueLAN products, there are several single and multiple packages from which you can choose. Depending on how you want or want to present the goods to your customer, you can choose from different transport and storage-safe packaging forms tailored to the product. In addition, the product design (for example the label) can be adapted to your needs. If you would like to learn more about the individual packaging solutions of CBO, please contact your account manager. We would be pleased to discuss with you how to purchase the BlueOptics and BlueLAN products from CBO to meet your needs.

Should you have any further questions regarding the various logistics services, you can contact CBO at any time by telephone or by e-mail. We are therefore very anxious to meet all the important points for you.

BlueOptics Packaging