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BlueLAN© CAT5e SF/UTP Twisted Pair Patch Cord, 2x RJ45, 1:1 Assignment, LSZH Sheathing, Red, 26 AWG

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Optimal Connection in TP Networks

BlueLAN© SCP33SFUR1R6XM Cat5e SF/UTP (Screened Foiled/Unshielded) twisted pair Ethernet LAN patch cable with 2x eight-pole RJ45 plug, solid copper conductors and 50µ-inch thick gold layer on the plug contacts for signal transmissions at high data rates at operating frequencies of up to 100 MHz. BlueLAN SCP33SFUR1R6XM Cat5e SF/UTP twisted pair patch cords have a flame resistant LSZH sheathing (halogen free, low smoke emission in case of fire) in the color Red.

Structured Cabling

BlueLAN SCP33SFUR1R6XM Cat5e SF/UTP Twisted Pair Patch Cords are suitable for structured cabling in networks. For example for Fast- or Gigabit Ethernet Applications to connect switches, patch panels, routers, modems, access points and other network components. By twisting two conductors to a wire pair the data transmission over this symmetrical copper cabling is less susceptible to interference. BlueLAN SCP33SFUR1R6XM Cat5e SF/UTP Twisted Pair Patch Cords are designed for a total transmission distance of 100 meters and intended for operating at frequencies of up to 100 MHz. In addition, they are backward compatible with conventional Cat5 cables.

Structured Cabling

Maximum Signal Integrity Through Full Copper Conductors

Maximum Signal Integrity Through Full Copper Conductors

In order to achieve a favorable price, some manufacturers use copper-clad aluminum (CCA or CCE). However, the difference to full copper is drastic. CCA cables have a higher attenuation, resulting in a large loss of packets that need to be retransmitted: The bandwidth decreases. BlueLAN Patch Cords rely on 100% copper wires regarding the TIA / IEC standard, offer the best performance on the market and are suitable for Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications.

Outstanding Connectors

For a long life time and best performance BlueLAN Patch Cord connectors are manufactured with the highest quality. To avoid oxidation, the bare copper of the plugs have a 50µ-inch thick gold layer. For easy identification, the length in meters is shown on each connector. Nose protection and 750 plug-in cycles round off the product.

Outstanding Connectors

25 years warranty on BlueLAN Cat5e SF/UTP Twisted Pair Patch Cords
Every BlueLAN Cat5e SF/UTP Twisted Pair Patch Cord is covered by a 5-year function warranty by CBO.

Lifetime Support
For the lifetime of the product you receive technical support via email and telephone.

Next Day Exchange
The CBO preliminary exchange encompasses free shipping of replacement cable on the next working day.

Full EIA/TIA-Conformity

Full EIA/TIA-Conformity

All BlueLAN SCP33SFUR1R6XM Cat5e SF/UTP Twisted Pair Patch Cords meet the requirements of the EIA/TIA-568 standard label and are compliant with the ISO/IEC 11801 and EN 50173-1 standards for cables and connectors.

Industrial Standards

BlueLAN SCP33SFUR1R6XM Cat5e SF/UTP Twisted Pair Patch Cords meet or exceed industrial standards, such as CE and RoHS as well as the regulations of the FCC. Through continuous monitoring before, during and after the production process, according to ISO9001, CBO reaches a steady quality of each SCP33SFUR1R6XM Cat5e SF/UTP Twisted Pair Patch Cord.

Industrial Standards

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By using BlueLAN SCP33SFUR1R6XM Cat5e SF/UTP Twisted Pair Patch Cords networks can be prepared for increasing demands. Regardless whether an increased data volume, higher transmission rates, greater scalability, higher performance and/or a higher reliability is desired. With BlueLAN SCP33SFUR1R6XM Cat5e SF/UTP Twisted Pair Patch Cords you can improve your connections and reduce your CAPEX for short distance transmission solutions up to 90%.

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P/N Length Temp. AWG
SCP33SFUR1R60.5M 0,5 Meter -20°C to +65°C 26
SCP33SFUR1R61M 1 Meter -20°C to +65°C 26
SCP33SFUR1R62M 2 Meter -20°C to +65°C 26
SCP33SFUR1R63M 3 Meter -20°C to +65°C 26
SCP33SFUR1R65M 5 Meter -20°C to +65°C 26
SCP33SFUR1R67.5M 7.5 Meter -20°C to +65°C 26
SCP33SFUR1R610M 10 Meter -20°C to +65°C 26
SCP33SFUR1R615M 15 Meter -20°C to +65°C 26
SCP33SFUR1R620M 20 Meter -20°C to +65°C 26
SCP33SFUR1R630M 30 Meter -20°C to +65°C 26
SCP33SFUR1R650M 50 Meter -20°C to +65°C 26


- 2x RJ45 Connector with length mark
- Category 5E performance
- Operating frequencies up to 100MHz
- AWG26
- SF/UTP Shielding
- 50µ Gold plated Connectors
- Compliant EIA/TIA 568B
- 4 pairs of flexible 100% copper conductors
- Red version
- Available in different colors
- LSZH coating complaint with IEC-60754-1
- Insulation Resistance: DC300V 10M ohm
- Contactor Resistance: 15 ohm
- Dielectric Strength: 200V AC/Sec, 1mA
- 100% open short & miss wire test
- Storage, Installation and operation
- Temperature -20°C to +65°C


- Copper Network Links
- Twisted Pair Links
- Ethernet / Fiber Channel

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