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BlueOptics© MTP Cassette, Single-mode G.652.D, 12x LC Duplex Blue, 2x MTP 12 Core, Black (RAL9004), Brand Fiber Pigtail

Product SKU: SFRCB0253B
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Optimal Fiber Connections

The BlueOptics© SFRCB0253B Multifiber-Termination-Push-On (MTP) Cassette solution from CBO, with 12x LC/PC Duplex connectors on the front and 2x 12 core MTP/APC Female (with Male Pins) jack on the back, delivering a high port density and up to 36 duplex ports or up to 72 single-mode fibers (G.652.D OS2 - fiber type E9/125µm), in a single rack.

BlueOptics SFRCB0253B single-mode MTP cassettes solutions are designed for the transmission of signals between 1270nm to 1610nm. They are suitable for the connection of networking components on long distances with each other or for the connection of fiber optical transceivers for example.

Fast Installation

BlueOptics SFRCB0253B single-mode MTP cassettes are the simplest to install cabling solution regarding the EN50173-5 and the ISO/IEC 24764 standard and are very comfortable to use compared to conventional fiber optic connections which require splicing. Thanks to the modular design of the BlueOptics SFRCB0253B single-mode MTP cassettes a rapid creation or extension of a fiber optic installation is possible, allowing you to save 75% of the usual installation time and 50% rack space by the compact size. While no splicing or special tools are needed anymore, you also eliminate costly employee training expenses - No assembly or testing is necessary anymore. A convenient solution for the use in data centers, storage area networks, local area networks and branch offices.

Fast Installation

Highest Component Quality

Highest Component Quality

For lossless transmission services brand fibers from well-known manufacturers such as Corning, Fujikura and YOFC are used in the production process of the BlueOptics SFRCB0253B Single-mode G.652.D MTP Cassettes. All connectors are branded by Amphenol, Diamond, Nissin Kasei or Reichle & De-Massari with are manufactured with high reliable BlueOptics zirconia ceramic ferrule and achieve a lifetime of up to 1500 mating cycles.

Error-free Transmission

BlueOptics SFRCB0253B Single-mode G.652.D MTP Cassettes are tested after production with interferometer and Optical-Time-Domain-Reflectometry (OTDR) to ensure the best quality. A measurement protocol of the input loss and return loss values is included with every shipped Single-mode G.652.D MTP Cassette.

BlueOptics SFRCB0253B Single-mode G.652.D MTP Cassettes meet the Telcordia Requirements GR-326-Core 4.4.

Error-free Transmission

Industrial Standards

Industrial Standards

BlueOptics SFRCB0253B Single-mode G.652.D MTP Cassettes are manufactured to meet generally accepted industry standards and norms. Pigtails inside are equipped with a flame-retardant LSZH jacket. In case of a fire thus creates a very low smoke emission in comparison to PVC coated cassettes. Furthermore no halogen is released.

BlueOptics SFRCB0253B Single-mode G.652.D MTP Cassettes meet the following Norms: IEC-61034, IEC-754-1, IEC 60332-1, IEC 60332-3, IEC/EN 60950 and RoHS.

25 years Warranty on BlueOptics MTP Cassettes
Every BlueOptics SFRCB0253B MTP Cassette is covered by a 25-year function warranty by CBO.

Lifetime Support
For the lifetime of the product you receive technical support via email and telephone.

Next Day Exchange
The CBO preliminary exchange encompasses free shipping of replacement cassette on the next working day.

Act Now!

By using BlueOptics MTP Cassettes networks can be prepared for increasing demands. Regardless whether an increased data volume, higher transmission rates, greater scalability, higher performance and/or a higher reliability is desired. With BlueOptics MTP Cassettes you can improve your connections and reduce your OPEX and CAPEX.

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P/N Cores Type Front Back
SFRCB0152BX 12 B (Cross) 6x LC Duplex 1x MTP 12 Core
SFRCB0252BX 24 B (Cross) 12x LC Duplex 1x MTP 24 Core
SFRCB0253BX 24 B (Cross) 12x LC Duplex 2x MTP 12 Core
SFRCB0152B1 12 A (1:1) 6x LC Duplex 1x MTP 12 Core
SFRCB0252B1 24 A (1:1) 12x LC Duplex 1x MTP 24 Core
SFRCB0253B1 24 A (1:1) 12x LC Duplex 2x MTP 12 Core


- Up to 12x Duplex LC Connector on the front
- Up to 2x MTP Connector with pins (male) on the back
- Fits BlueOptics© MTP Optical Distribution Frame
- PC Polish
- High Quality Ceramic Zirconia Ferrule
- Brand-name Fiber
- Fiber 50/125µm MM OM4 Round Cable
- Magenta OM4 color code for front
- Insertion Loss: ≤ 0.2dB
- Typ A (1:1) or Type B (CrossOver)
- Nissin Kasei MTP Components
- Highest Connector Quality: Up to 1500 mating cycles
- Interferometer tested
- Single Packed
- Test Report
- Port Label on Cassette


- Data Center
- Modular Networks
- Fiber Networks

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