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Fiber patch cords

Fiber optic patch cords of CBO are available in many variants. Depending on requirements, CBO can manufacture your product using any plug and any fiber in different lengths for the required application. In the further course of this page you can find tabular overviews of the characteristics of each product variation.


BlueOptics Fiber Patch Cord LC Connector BlueOptics Fiber Patch Cord SC Connector BlueOptics Fiber Patch Cord MPO Connector
ST E2000 MTP
BlueOptics Fiber Patch Cord ST Connector BlueOptics Fiber Patch Cord E2000 Connector BlueOptics Fiber Patch Cord MTP Connector


Optical Multimode 1 and 2 (OM1 and OM2)
Optical Multimode 3 (OM3)
BlueOptics OM2 Multimode Fiber Patch Cord
BlueOptics OM3 Multimode Fiber Patch Cord
Optical Multimode 4 (OM4)
Single Mode G.652.D and G.657.A
BlueOptics OM4 Multimode Fiber Patch Cord
BlueOptics Single Mode Fiber Patch Cord

Zirconia Ceramic Ferrules

PC / UPC APC Customized
BlueOptics PC UPC Zirconia Ceramic Ferrule BlueOptics PC UPC Zirconia Ceramic Ferrule BlueOptics PC UPC Zirconia Ceramic Ferrule

Temperature Ranges

  • Commercial: 0°C to +65°C
  • Industrial: -40°C to +85°C

Further Informations

  • Low input loss
  • High return loss
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) or PVC sheathing

In the manufacturing process of fiber optic patch cords, CBO exclusively collaborates with market leaders in the field of cable technology to meet the highest product requirements. Benefit from years of market experience in the production of fiber optic patch cords for the manufacturing of your product.


  • Connectors: Amphenol, Diamond, Nissin Kasei, Reichle & De-Massari
  • Pure Fiber: Corning, Fujikura, YoFC
  • Cable: Corning, YoFC





BlueOptics Fiber Connector for Patch Cords
BlueOptics Fiber for Patch Cords
Long lifetime of up to 1.500 mating cycles, 25-year guarantee and lifetime support. Convince yourself of the quality of our solutions, which is guaranteed by different standards and quality assurance measures.

Norms and Standards

The production of optical fiber patch cords is taking place according to the respective current standards of the manufacturer Telcordia. All fiber optic patch cords also meet the most important standards and norms for electronic products.

Test Equipment

Production Process

  • 1. Pre-assembly of loose parts
  • 2. Polish of the ferrule
  • 3. Cable function test
  • 4. Final assembly loose components
  • 5. Climate chamber
  • 6. Mechanical stress test
  • 7. Final test of function

Test Equipment

Environment Chamber - ESPEC BTZ-175E
Insertion/Return Loss Test Station - Sunma ST-3307
Interferometer - Sumix SMX-7QS-T
Test Equipment
Test Equipment

Do you need a fiber optic patch cord in a standard variant? CBO offers various preassembled fiber patch cords with all common connectors in all common lengths. Here you can find an overview of the various CBO fiber patch cords as part of the BlueOptics product line. An individual adaptation to your specifications is possible.

BlueOptics Fiber Optic Patch Cord
In addition to standard products CBO develops individual solutions in the field of fiber optic patch cords. We gladly assist you in designing a new product, in the production of prototypes right up to mass production. Benefit from years of know-how in the production of optoelectronic solutions and rely on CBO as your strong partner.

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