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New BlueLAN© QSFP Direct Attach Cable as active Type for 40G Links

BlueLAN© active QSFP Direct Attach Cable
The manufacturer of networking products CBO has expanded its BlueLAN portfolio with a new active QSFP Direct Attach (DAC) Twinax Copper Cable solution for 40G data transfers whith a built-in signal amplification and Clock Data Recovery (CDR) technology to eliminate signal integrity losses and unwanted link errors.

Most switches in high-speed networks support the function to control the signal activity of the affiliated Direct Attach Cable by themself. Entrepreneurs who want to keep their basic network costs low can also rely to switches that do not offer this feature and which are cheaper to buy. Here the signal processing circuit is not in the switch, but in the cable.

The active BlueLAN 40G high-speed Direct Attach Cable Solutions from CBO with QSFP - Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable Connector (according to SFF-8436 specifications) offer this feature, equalizing the transported signals and amplifying the signal integrity for the use in switches that do not accept this function. Hereby all parts of the signals are received uniformly from one end of the cable to the other end.

Because passive copper cables just transmit the signals 1:1 without modifying, processing or equalizing it, so the signal integrity may suffer in lengths from 5 meters, especially in transmissions in high GHz ranges.

Alongside with passive copper compounds and optical links active BlueLAN 40G Direct Attach Twinax Copper Cables are a new high-performance solution with low EMI, high scalability and reliable performance for QDR Infiniband and 10GBASE-CR / 40GBASE-CR4 Ethernet applications for up to 15 meter distances to enable short connections within and between racks.

The energy-efficient active BlueLAN 40G QSFP Direct Attach Twinax Copper Cables from CBO are RoHS compliant, meet or exceed all other accepted industry standards and are available now in various lengths with different wire diameters (AWG 30 to 24) and for different temperature ranges (commercial 0°C to 70°C and industrial -40°C to 85°C)

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