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CBO releases Cable marker for BlueOptics and BlueLAN cable series

BlueLAN Cable Marker
Today CBO introduced a new product for all its BlueOptics and BlueLAN cable solutions, which has been frequently requested in the past by customers and is now introduced as a perfect complement of the current portfolio. CBO's BlueLAN LAN Cable Marker, also known as winding labels, for the identification and proper mapping of cables comes as a practical dispenser. The cable marker labels contained therein have a transparent film part which is wound around the respective cable and is stuck on a white marking field, so that the print / inscription is protected against abrasion, moisture, oil or solvent. The label field can be labeled with any pen or printed with a thermal printer. Alternatively the labels can be ordered pre-printed.

As part of a network installation, depending on the size of the network, many BlueOptics and BlueLAN products are used. In a buidling with structured cabling, in networking cabinets or in the simple allocation of data links numerous cable connections come together. An accurate identification of the different links is advisable or even essential for later administration.

CBO BlueLAN LAN Cable Markers are now available in the dimensions 25mm x 35mm with an amount of 500 pieces per dispenser.

About CBO
CBO produces active and passive products based on optical transmission technology, as well as copper based networking equipment for indoor and outdoor use. This includes solutions for implementation in the public area or office buildings, wide area computer networks, and broadband telecommunications networks. The product portfolio currently includes among others: Optical Transceivers for data and telecom applications, direct attach cables, media converters, xWDM solutions, fiber optic patch cords and twisted pair copper patch cords, fiber optic fiber and copper installation cables, PLC splitters, SAS solutions, WDM multiplexers, components for data centers, FTTX solutions and accessories.

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