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BlueOptics© QSFP Transceivers - 40G Multi mode and Single mode

BlueOptics QSFP Transceivers
CBO, a manufacturer of optical transmission solutions, announced today, to start with the first mass delivery of 40G BlueOptics QSFP (Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable) transceivers beginning this month. After several years of development and different tests under real-time conditions in multi-mode and single-mode configurations, the company is now releasing two different QSFP MSA standards conform optical transceiver modules onto the market:

BO25K859S2D is a QSFP transceiver for multi-mode transmissions with an electric high-speed interface, for example for connecting Ethernet switches with eight parallel OM3 or OM4 fiber cores per MPO/MTP trunk (for the connection to another QSFP transceiver port) or breakout cable (for the connection of four 10G transceiver ports). The transmission uses the 40GBASE-SR4 technology (defined by IEEE 802.3ba standard), via 4x 850nm, each with 10.3125 Gbps. Over an OM3 fiber link this module achieves a transmission distance of up to 100 meters and up to 150 meters over OM4.

For single-mode data transfers, for example between data centers or Internet nodes, CBO now offers BO25K13910D, another QSFP transceiver module with electrical high-speed LC duplex interface, which operates using the 40GBASE-LR4 technology (also defined in the IEEE 802.3ba standard). This transceiver therefore has a 4-channel CWDM Mux/Demux inside and transmits the wavelengths 1271nm, 1291nm, 1311nm, 1331nm. Over a G.652 fiber link this module achieves a transmission distance of up to 10 kilometers.

Both QSFP transceiver modules are hot-swappable and feature a digital diagnostic function via I2C interface regarding SFF 8436. Like other BlueOptics transceiver form factors (SFP, SFP +, XFP, GBIC, XENPAK, X2) the new 40G QSFP modules also comply to the regulations of RoHS and are 100% lead free. All BlueOptics Transceiver also meet the CE and UL standards and are approved by the Regulatory Authority for Communication Devices FCC.

About CBO
CBO produces products based on optical transmission technology and copper cables for indoor and outdoor use. This includes solutions for implementations in the Public Area or office buildings, wide area computer networks, and broadband telecommunications networks. The product portfolio currently includes: Optical transceivers for data and telecom applications, media converters, xWDM solutions, Fiber Patch Cords, Direct Attach Cables and Accessories.

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