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BlueOptics QSFP ER Transceiver

BlueOptics© QSFP ER Transceiver from CBO

On Tuesday CBO, a manufacturer of network solutions for fiber and copper technology, published a new hot-pluggable QSFP transceivers capable of 40 Gigabit Extended Reach transmissions as part of the Blue Optics product line. The Transmission is made possible via G.652 single-mode fibers by Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) for Ethernet (40GBASE-ER) or OTN (OTU3 OC-768 or STM-256) applications. The QSFP ER4 Multirate transceiver supports data rates of 39.8 Gb/s to 41.3 Gb/s. Herewith CBO gives network administrators, system integrators and datacenter operators a pluggable solution for local area networks (whose data links exceed 10 kilometers) or also for wide area networks and metropolitan area networks with an insertion loss link budget of 18.5 dB, allowing the data transfers over a length of about 40 kilometers.

CBO Spain

CBO opens a sales office in Spain

In Madrid, the capital and geographical, political and cultural center of Spain, you can now find CBO, a manufacturer of active and passive transfer solutions, supervising customers directly on-site.

The strong growth of the clientele from Spain and Portugal in recent years can now be cared for even better and more individual.

With this step CBO expanded its sales network to lead customers to a faster and more individual solution in fewer detours for worldwide transactions. This provides a continuous networking with partners and customers, as well as the optimization of operational processes.

BlueOptics QSFP28 Transceivers

BlueOptics© QSFP28 transceivers from CBO - The Next Step to 100G!

The company CBO, a manufacturer of high-speed networking solutions, today announced the launch of another high-availability transceiver product. The QSFP28 transceiver module, a 4-channel transceiver which can simultaneously send and receive 100G (4x25.78125 Gbps) will find its way into the portfolio of CBO in this quarter. The production takes place in compliance with the standards defined in the MSA specifications, making this transceiver form factor using a 50% lower power consumption compared to the previously required number of SFP+ modules. All modules have a maximum power consumption of 3.5W.

BlueLAN Twisted Pair Cable

BlueLAN© RJ45 Copper Twisted Pair Patch Cords

CBO is known for the production of optical and wired network solutions. The company announced this week that they had expanded the existing BlueLAN product portfolio by a passive twisted pair patch cable product line. In the first quarter of 2015 the first mass deliveries to customers will start.

BlueLAN RJ45 Copper Twisted Pair Patch Cords are available for the most common transmission classes. BlueLAN RJ45 Copper Twisted Pair Cat 5e Patch Cords are standardly produced with a SF/UTP shielding, Cat 6 Patch Cords with a S/FTP and Cat 6a Patch Cords with a S/FTP shielding and are available with a wire diameter of 26AWG.