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Corporate Culture

The behaviour of our employees, as well as their behaviour in dealing with our customers, but also with each other, requires special attention. With the aim of harmonious functioning, perfectly tuned, working environment. Our corporate culture describes all the values, visions, norms, beliefs and habits which we live. It is our collective behaviour and assumptions that will be given immediately to the new members of our team. Our corporate culture refers to the entire company. Each employee is encouraged to heed these principles in any situation and at any time and implement.


The CBO GmbH esteems and respects their employees. We always endeavour a good working environment, as well as creating the best conditions for successful and efficient team-oriented work. This equally applies to dealing with our customers and partners and is the basis for the success of the CBO GmbH.

CBO Deutschland

CBO Deutschland

Social skills

In addition to the wide range of expertise, appertaining mature social skills, as well as the fairness and appreciation of all employees to the most important virtues in CBO GmbH's everyday work. Equal treatment of all employees is a basic requirement in our company.

Work environment

The CBO GmbH creates a work environment in which employees are to be obtained, maintained and brought to fulfilment. Individual performance and team work can complement and enrich perfectly here.

CBO Deutschland

CBO Deutschland

Training & development

The CBO GmbH allows employees to regularly educate and develop in different areas. Thus, the CBO GmbH guarantees a continuous and qualified customer service to a consistently high level.

Trust and open communication

The CBO GmbH lives a culture of mutual trust, respect and openness with each other - inside and outside of the company. Thanks to a flat employee structure everyone can bring in his knowledge and skills coupled with initiative, commitment and responsibility.

CBO Deutschland