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Have you heard the latest news today? It says that a product in the European Union (EU) was assembled with components, thought to be from within the EU, but it may actually be a counterfeit!

According to the European Anti Fraud Office (OLAF) official communication press release Nr. 12/2017 from 3rd of July 2017 (which can be downloaded here: http://ec.europa.eu/anti-fraud/file/3950/download_en?token=Up3swLF) a large amount of fake devices, actually one million counterfeit components were seized by Dutch Customs while being imported illegally into the EU by means of post or courier arriving from China or Hong Kong. This concerns components such as diodes, LEDs, transistors and integrated circuits (IC).

Impact on European industry

According to the press release: “As the semiconductors in question were not produced by the genuine manufacturers, their incorporation into electronic products could have led to the failure of computer systems and caused serious malfunctions of sensitive infrastructures, whether civilian or military. As some of the counterfeit semiconductors seized could have been destined for the transport sector and ended up in cars or airplanes or could have made their way into hospitals as part of surgical instruments, their use could have endangered human lives. Moreover, the smuggling of counterfeit products causes serious financial damages to the European industry."



Quality is only reflected in price?

One quick judgement would be that cheap network and telecommunication components, mostly in the connectors market, are easily to spot by the low prices on the purchase. Cheap components will determine a low price component. What about selling a high price component as a genuine transceiver for example and in fact buying a fake or counterfeit sum of components labeled and enveloped as genuine? It is either an “on purpose action” to fool the customer to pay higher prices on low-end components or an misfortune action due to the lack of technical capability and knowledge to spot the fake IC’s, semiconductors or high usage parts of optical patches.

CBO-Connecting Technology - Genuine components for Genuine Products

CBO is committed to deliver genuine products with constant acting on it by rigorous selection of suppliers which are respected brands on the markets. Such as leading manufacturers for Lasers (e.g. Lumentum, Avago, Mitsubishi, Sumitomo) and Integrated Circuits (e.g. Maxim Integrated, Netlogic, Mindspeed, Analog Devices). This assembly is backed up by a very strong quality check system (even with X-Ray check) to ensure only original components are used in BlueOptics Transceivers.

CBO Deutschland


Impact of low-quality components on your valuable hardware investment

For a network system architect, a common situation is to balance the overall price of the future production solution within a given CAPEX budget. The main focus usually is on the core hardware components to meet the functional and regulatory standards, which consume the majority of the budget. At this point it is very important not to rely on connection components that may cause a fail of some important hardware (like switches, routers or optical transport hardware systems) and causing malfunctioning and downtimes with impact on your business when using optical transceivers. Also look out for fiber connectors made of genuine ceramic ferrules, with precise cut angles of the optical fiber, industrial temperature capability and no fluctuation within limits to ensure an overall quality. Genuine BlueOptics Fiber Patch Cords and genuine BlueOptics Transceivers make the difference in operational costs (OPEX) for network and telecommunication systems. All these distinguishing details are summarized in the respective “MSA Standard” for transceiver and in the respective Telcordia standards for fiber patch cords or in the industrial standards “CE and RoHS” and as well as the regulations of the FCC.

Thus it makes sense not to ignore sourcing the connection devices from anywhere, but to choose a German genuine manufacturer, such as CBO - Connecting Technology which offers in addition a long-time function guarantee, lifetime technical support via e-mail and telephone and Next Day Exchange - The CBO preliminary exchange encompasses free shipping of replacement modules on the next working day to ensure that your system keeps running.